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Kids Dance Class

Kids Latin Hip Hop Fusion, every Sat 4-5pm (New Intake)

Teen K-Pop Dance 5-6pm (New Intake)

Kids Salsa Class,every Sun 12noon-1.15pm(FULL)

Kids Salsa & Hip Hop Fusion, every Sun 2-3.15pm(FULL)

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The workshop tickets can be bought at:

a. at the workshop that day

b. from any dance studio selling the tickets and

c. eTicketings at

how to get eTickets

It is easy now with the help of technology, you may purchase the tickets online without leaving your door steps.

 Here's how to get the ticket:

1. Submit the following information to 


 i. Name(full name) :<type your name> 
 ii. Nickname : <type nick name>
 iii. IC/Passport : <type your passport or IC number>
 iv. Contact hp : <type your contact number>
 v. Workshop :

Latin Dance Workshop by Fasilito 

 Workshop a - Street Cha Cha Cha - [  ] RM 25/person

 Workshop b - Bachata                  - [  ] RM 30/person

 Workshop c - Salsa                     - [  ]  RM 30/person

 Full Access(workshop a, b and c)  -[  ]  RM 80/person 

 Salsa Workshop Cuban Style - Justin & Chen

 Workshop 1                                - [  ] RM 30/person

   * Cuban Salsa for Begineer

 Wrokshop 2                                - [  ] RM 30/person

   * Intermediate Variation 

 Wrokshop 3                                - [  ] RM 30/person

   * Casino de Rueda 

 Full Access(Workshop 1,2 and 3) - [  ]  RM 80/person

please ticket [ X ] for the workshop you like to attend or number of person.

 vi. Total Amount : RM <total amount need to paid for the workshop sign up>
 vii. Payment Information : <provide payment information such as transaction slip includes the transaction time and amount>




  2.  Payment to :

Hong Leong Bank Malayasia

  A/c : 04800010399


 3.  Attach the payment slips/information in the email

 4. A confirmation over email with the etickets will be send to you once the transaction has been verified.

 You may bring the printed copy of the tickets to the workshop. 

 Others enquiries about etickets, you may contact Chen at 012-2074932 

ETIckets Example


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